Life Care’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program is designed to reward associates who go above and beyond their job description in the care of a resident, resident’s family member, associates or guests in the facility. 


Every day, each Life Care facility accepts nominations for associates who have performed an exceptional act of service. Every full- or part-time associate, with the exception of the executive director and director of nursing, is eligible to win this award, no matter how long they have worked in the building.


At the month’s end, facility management reviews the monthly nominations to determine which nominee best exemplifies the spirit of Whatever It Takes And Then Some. A ceremony is held in the winner’s honor, and they receive a cash prize of $100. Each monthly winner is eligible to win the yearly award.


At the close of each year, facility leadership meets to determine which monthly winner best exemplifies the second half of the motto, And Then Some. This yearly winner is celebrated with a ceremony and a cash prize of $500.


Each regional vice president then chooses the best example of the annual Whatever It Takes And Then Some winners from their region to be submitted to the division vice presidents, who then choose three winners from each division to pass on to the president’s office.


Corporate leadership then reviews all the winners submitted by division vice presidents to select one annual winner per division. Divisional winners are flown to Life Care’s corporate headquarters and honored during the annual management meeting. Winners are also given a cash prize of $1,000 and honored by a feature story in Life Matters and on Life Care’s Intranet site Village Square.