The team at Life Care Center of the North Shore is proud of all of our patients. Below are some of our rehab graduates. These patients successfully discharged from our facility, meeting their individual goals and achieving the highest level of independence possible. Learn more about the services we provide.

“Joe was a pleasure to work with. He worked diligently to achieve his personal short- and long-term goals in order to safely return home quickly.”
- Kaye Villarreal, director of rehab services

Joseph Caliri

Pelvic fracture

North Shore Success Stories

"While meeting with Geraldine in the hospital, she told me her primary goal was to return home quickly to resume her caregiver role. With therapy and her determination, she was able to go home within two weeks!"
- Beverly Carr, RN, transitions nurse

Geraldine Monfalcone

Fractured hip

North Shore Success Stories

"During Kathleen's initial respiratory assessment, she had no endurance and a lot of anxiety about going to any social engagement or activity. For four years, she very rarely left her apartment. During her stay at Life Care Center of the North Shore she was taught breathing retraining and exercise to reduce anxiety. Now she is looking forward to seeing her grandchildren's' football games and dance recitals."
- Joseph Maloof, registered respiratory therapist

Kathleen Chalas

Acute respiratory failure

North Shore Success Stories

“Wayne was extremely motivated to regain his independence and return home after a stroke affected his speech, swallowing and right side mobility. He also had both legs amputated. At his hospital bedside Wayne told me he would do whatever it takes to regain independence and mobility, and that's just what he did.”
- Beverly Carr RN, Transitions Nurse

Wayne Spates

Stroke and amputation

North Shore Success Stories

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