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Each year, our parent company, Life Care Centers of America, hosts a Rewarding Excellence banquet to recognize outstanding associates throughout the area. This year, the banquet took place at the Newton Marriot Hotel in Newton, Massachusetts, on June 2, 2016.


It was a full day for several of our associates from Life Care Center of the North Shore in Lynn, Massachusetts. Jared Bane, our executive director, and Kathy Legros, our director of nursing, arranged a limo ride to the event so that our facility Rewarding Excellence winners could ride in style.


Our winners were Estela Morales, Mimi Khouma and Lamin Fatty for the Certified Nursing Assistant of the Year awards, and Barbara McCarthy, dietary services director, for the Team Spirit Award.


These associates (with the exception of Khouma, who was unable to attend) joined their counterparts from Life Care facilities in the Northeast for a delicious meal and inspiration by the keynote speaker, Julie Fox Garrison, who is a stroke survivor


Bane shared about our winners and what makes them such valued members of our team:


Estela Morales, CNA of the Year – “Estella is in the conversation for CNA of the Year every year. It’s not from lack of competition but because it is truly deserved. Estela won the Whatever It Takes And Then Some Award a number of times this year. She frequently uses unscheduled time to take care of or assist with residents not assigned to her. She is always smiling and happy to be at work, caring for people. The residents respond to her energy and can always sense the type of amazingly caring person she is.”


Mimi “Oumy” Khouma, CNA of the Year – “Mimi is one of the silent heroes at North Shore. She quietly goes through her day and assignments and makes caring for her residents look easy. Her residents are always clean, happy and looking forward toward the rest of the day, knowing that Mimi is there caring for them. She is the type of person who is the heart and soul of the facility without any effort, just because her true nature is to care for people.”


Lamin Fatty, CNA of the Year – “Lamin is the chief communicator and team leader for his floor. He is looked to by all as an example of doing more rather than less. He’s been described as the ‘hub of the wheel’ where everything moves around him on his floor. He’s been nominated by residents and family members and despite being on our short-term floor makes strong, and lasting, impressions on people. He’s jovial, fun, happy, hardworking, intelligent, determined and an example for all.


Barbara McCarthy, Team Spirit Award – “Barbara is the definition of team spirit. She is our dietary services director but has her pulse on the whole facility. She is constantly working to make sure everyone is happy and well fed. It is in her personality to care for people and make them happy. She is excellent with residents, too, but the work she does to make sure our associates are happy is why she is our team spirit winner. She plans, organizes and directs all aspects related to associate satisfaction. Without Barbara caring for our residents and staff, we wouldn’t be the same facility. She’s a generous, caring and fun person, and we are lucky to have her!”


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